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Cheapest Shuttle To Sun City

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Cheapest Shuttle to Sun City

If you are looking for the cheapest shuttle to Sun City, look no further.

At ShuttleHub, we have created a booking platform that allows you to find the most affordable shuttles from different transport companies.

Prices for shuttles can differ substantially, and if you are on a budget, you want to get the best deal you can for your money. With our booking system, you can get prices immediately and compare with prices that you are seeing anywhere else to see what is the best offer. Just enter the pick up location and your destination, and the amount will be given to you immediately.

Prices for shuttle from Lanseria To Sun City

Our shuttle services vary based on the size of the car. Here are the best prices you can get when vehicles are available.

  • Sedan (1 – 3 passengers) – R2000
  • Minivan (up to 12 passengers) – R2750

Types of Shuttles to Sun City.

There are two main types of shuttles and those are private charters and airport transfers.

Airport Transfers

Airport transfers are shuttle services that pick you up from the airport, and take you straight to your destination. This is the most commonly used type, as visitors from across the country and overseas get to the airport and just need transport to take them to Sun City and then bring them back afterwards.

Door to Door

Door to Door, also known as point transfers refers to shuttles that pick you up from a specific address such as collecting you from your home or from a hotel, and then drop you off at Sun City or any other location.

This type of shuttle is usually charged on a per kilometer basis, and has additional add-ons you can pay for, such as booking the shuttle for extra hours to keep your luggage while you are exploring or perhaps waiting for the time of your flight if there is a lot of time between checkout and when your flight is supposed to be.

Private Charter

A private charter is when you hire the vehicle to be at your disposal and does not necessarily use a direct route. This type of shuttle is usually priced per hour or per day, with an allowance of kilometres calculated into the price. It is essentially basically like having a chauffeur and comes with the added prices of having a driver with you at all times.

For private charters, you will have to talk to the service provider to explain what your travel plans are. Travel plans will be different for all travellers, so this type of service does not have standard prices. They have rates, which will then be used to calculate  a custom price based on your requirements.

Airports that have Shuttles To Sun City

O.R. Tambo International Airport

O.R. Tambo is the main airport in Johannesburg and the one that received the most service and therefore availability of shuttle companies. Because of its large size and extensive parking lot, many operators can even park there without pre-bookings and pick up travellers who hadn’t arranged with a shuttle service before arriving.

The airport management itself has a database of suppliers that it recommends to travellers through their website. But still, pre-booking is always the best way to go about it. You have have a guaranteed vehicle that is coming to fetch you, and you don’t have to scramble while at the air port to organize and then have to wait. It’s as simple as arriving, finding your shuttle driver and then leaving to your destination straight away.

Lanseria International Airport

Lanseria is the secondary airport in Johannesburg, and handles mainly traffic from the rest of the country. It is a less busy airport compared to ORTIA, so there, you generally have to pre-book your shuttle because you aren’t as guaranteed to find one if you haven’t arranged one to pick you up beforehand.

Cheapest Airport Shuttle To Sun City

Practically all shuttle services price their services based on the kilometers travelled. This obviously makes sense as the biggest cost for shuttle operators is fuel, which is a direct result of the distance that the vehicles travel. So in terms of airports that you want to fly to if you want to minimise costs, the cheapest shuttles to Sun city  will usually be from Lanseria.

  • The quickest route from Lanseria to Sun City is 128 km.
  • The quickest route OR Tambo International to Sun City is 202 km

The trip from ORTIA is 60% longer, so that results in those shuttles being more expensive.

Tips for getting the Cheapest Shuttles

Book in advance

Pre-booking your shuttle is always the best way to go about things. It gives you the opportunity to find the most affordable shuttle to Sun City by shopping around with different operators first. In the case of travel as well, prices tend to increases the closer to the travel date you get. For shuttle services, it is not that common, but in times of high demand and low supply, it is not uncommon for prices to be increased. Booking in advance ensures that you get the best option.

Online booking platforms

Online booking platforms group together services from different service providers in one place, making it a simpler process to find a shuttle and check availability without making call after call with different service providers. It also makes it easier to compare the vehicles on offer and the pricing.

Compare prices

If you are budget conscious, you have to look at different shuttle operators to see how much they are charging. Prices offered can vary wildly, so you don’t have to just take the first price that you see. With long shuttles trips like those to Sun City, the difference from one shuttle to the next can be as much as R1000.

Shared shuttle

For those on a tight budget, can consider using a shared shuttle service. These are the ones that have a scheduled shuttle that runs between different location. The upside of this type pf services is that you only pay for a seat on the shuttle, which reduces cost. The downsides are that it is basically public transport and that they operate on a specific schedule, so you would have to restrict you travel to the dates and times that those shuttles are available.


Shuttle From Lanseria to Sun City

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